We are proud to announce that we have added CNC machining capabilities to our impressive line-up of equipment. We recently purchased a brand new Doosan 3 axis CNC mill and a brand new Doosan CNC lathe with Y axis and live tooling and LNS Bar Feeder.

The Doosan DNM 650 vertical machining center has a working envelope of 50” x 26.3” x 24.6”. It has a 12,000 rpm / 20 hp spindle with through-spindle coolant which adds to its superior performance in any type of manufacturing environment. The turret holds 30 tools and completes a tool change in 1.3 seconds. With feed rates of up to 1,417 IPM and repeatability of +/- .000080”, we are confident that we can meet your most demanding jobs.

CNC Machining
CNC Machining

The Doosan Puma 2100Y turning center features live tooling coupled with the added benefit of a 4” stroke Y axis. This means less set-ups which translates into efficient cycle times and more cost effective part processing than other standard CNC lathes. With its 25 HP high torque main motor and high speed 4,500 RPM spindle, the Doosan Puma 2100Y is designed for heavy and uninterrupted cutting, long term high accuracy and superior surface finishes. Added to the CNC lathe is a parts catcher and LNS bar feeder for automation.



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